WordPress Course

Wordpress Course Hyderabad

What you will learn in our WordPress Course Content

WordPress Course Contents

  1. Website structure
  2. Difference between Static & Dynamic website
  3. Introduction of wordpress
  4. What is Domain?
  5. What is Hosting?
  6. What is local host?
  7. How to install wordpress in local host
  8. Introduction wordpress dashboard
  9. Difference between local host & Online server.
  10. What is the Theme?
  11. What is the Plugin? 
  12. Difference between free themes & Paid themes
  13. Difference between free plugins & paid plugins
  14. How to make website design in local host
  15. How to buy domain & hosting?
  16. How to install wordpress in online server?
  17. How to make website design direct online server?
  18. How to take website backup?
  19. How to upload website from local host to online server?
  20. How to make a blog website?
  21. How to make a e-commerce website and payment options?
  22. How to get job / how to earn money as a freelancer (work from home)/ business.
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