Social Media Promotion – Famous Sites

Social Media Promotion – Famous Sites

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We – From Ramit SolutionsDigital Marketing Agency Team had one a vast research on Social Media Sites and providing the few information for few famous sites on how to optimize or promote your websites / web pages / services / products in to Social Media Sites. Have a look and blast your posts in to Social Media

Why Social Media Sites?

With social media sites, the world has gotten a lot smaller. Information is at our fingertips. We have even more access to news and opinions than ever before. It’s now entirely common to hear someone ask you to share something on Facebook or to receive breaking news via Twitter on your phone. The world has changed from keeping a Rolodex with lists of contacts to now knowing nearly everything about everyone you’ve ever met. It’s easy to see what your friends ate for dinner, how fussy their kids have been and how they feel about Mondays. As much as people may decry the useless personal information that some people provide on social networks, most people cannot bring themselves to cancel an account for fear that they’ll miss out on important information.

Social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, give you a great chance to keep in touch with your old friends, keep tabs on current friends and family, and to create new online friendships with people who share similar interests. Some networking websites even give you the advantage of creating a network of friends to aid you in establishing business contacts to find a job.

Surprisingly, not every one of the social networking websites are clones of one another. Each one promotes a platform and user experience that makes it unique, and approaches online social relationships from a specific perspective. The best social media sites we found are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ because each is unique and does what it does better than any other site. For more information about social media, check out our articles on social networking websites.

Here are some famous Social Media Links Famous Globally

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Google+
  5. Pinterest
  6. MySpace
  7. Orkut (ShutDown)
  8. Bebo (Not Working Now)
  9. hi5
  10. StumbleUpon

Facebook Research

Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.Anyone can join FacebookAll that’s needed to join Facebook is a valid email address. To connect with coworkers or classmates, use your school name or work email address to register. Once you register, join a regional network to connect with the people in your area.

Discover the people around youFacebook is made up of many networks, each based around a company, region, or school. Join the networks that reflect your real-life communities to learn more about the people who work, live, or study around you. After creating ur a/c just fill completely ur prof with school name, college name, Work area, company name and more on. So that u can easily catch up ur old friends, colleagues and more people automatically. If you fill up ur prof with attractive description about u it will helps to to get more friend request acceptance with strangers. Through following this u will get more friends list within a short time. But don’t add more Chinese people for ur a/c security.

Getting more response for USearch and Add existing friends from Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts, Gmail and join Groups to this a/c. With ur prof information and ur status updates u will get more friend requests, more acceptance (The Friend requests u had send to other people), response for ur comments, and more. But u have to give good Status updates.

Ex: Just search for Facebook nice Status updates, Top quotes, Top wishes (GdMrng wishes, Nice day wishes and more) and more that u like. Some times u have to also have to give response (Comments) for other status updates. At that time only they will keep u as Friend and they will also give comments and also they will suggest u some more friends if they like u and ur prof and ur comments. Update Images that looks pretty good. Through that also u will get more responses in all ways.

BussinessCreate pages and Groups with ur targeted keywords or website names. Then update image and quality description in the information page in the pages or groups with proper link. It will gives the people brief description about what is that page. So that automatically they will join our pages and groups.

After doing this u have to give minimum 2 or 3 comments per a day in Pages or Groups. Then only they will suggest our pages to their friends also. Then publish this link in other related pages also with 2 to 3 lines good description.

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hi5 Research

No limit for your circle of friends to people you know from school or your neighborhood, With more than 70 million members, you can explore the unlimited possibilities of connecting with people all over the world for free. Recently i noticed that hi5 is completely advertisement free.hi5 offers profile customization, security options and apps. A few of the things keeping hi5 out of our top three is the difficult search options, their sad help and support section and dependency on apps.  ProfilesYou can customize your hi5 page with skins created by other users. However, once you choose a skin you cannot customize it farther with HTML or CSS code. You can also use the simple profile editor that allows you to change background color, font types and sizes. On your profile page, post details about yourself such as your physical description, who you are looking to network with, where you are from, your birthday, education and occupation.Here you can write journal entries, upload photos, music and videos also. Add existing friends from Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail accounts, Gmail and join Groups. You can also see who has viewed your profile in the last 30 days. All the major categories of hi5’s website appear at the top of each page and a tab highlights the category of the current page (Messages, Video, Music, etc.) so you can easily navigate the website. A Google search box is available to search the Web or you can search for people and videos on the hi5 website. You can also view the website in seven languages. You need Macromedia Flash to join chat rooms that are based on shared interests and to connect with people in your area.

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MySpace is extremely popular and receives a lot of traffic, but is not for the serious blogger. The advantages to MySpace include the ability to upload and share video, audio and image files as well as a blog. But blogging is not the main business of MySpace, MySpace’s central focus is social networking. One of the problems we have with MySpace in terms of blogging, is not many people would want to send their business associates or family to a site that displays the kind of material MySpace users post. MySpace does give you a link to your blog, so you could send your direct link to someone, but if they had to search for your blog it is nearly impossible to find. For example, in order to find work–friendly blogs, we tried to find blogs on cars and dogs; we were given a list of blogs that had more to do with sex than cars or dogs.If your primary interest is social networking and non–professional blogging, then MySpace will work for you, otherwise try WordPress.

Profiles:After a quick registration, establish your profile page with background information such as where you’re from, what you look like and where you attend(ed) school. Additional information describes your personality, your likes, dislikes and interests.You can customize your profile page to reflect your personality with customized skins created by you or others. You can choose to use MySpace’s profile editor that helps you change colors and font or you can input your own HTML or CSS code.One of the newest additions to MySpace are apps. Apps can include games and surveys, pictures, causes, various online utilities and so much more. Profiles also include the usuals like photo albums, the ability to send and receive comments upload dozens of photos and add music and videos to your page.

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orkut is an online community designed to make your social life more active and stimulating but not more than Facebook. Orkut’s social network can help you maintain existing relationships with pictures and messages, and establish new ones by reaching out to people you’ve never met before.

Orkut makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies and interests, look for nice connections or

establish new business contacts. You can also create and join a wide variety of online communities to

discuss current events, reconnect with old school mates or even exchange your favorite recipes, create forums, polls, promotions and more on.

Who you interact with is entirely up to you. Before getting to know an Orkut member, you can read their profile and even see how they’re connected to you through the friends network by seeing mutual friends.

To join Orkut, simply sign in with your Google Account and you can begin to create your own profile

right away. I think this is helping you to create a closer, more intimate network of friends. We hope to put you on the path to social happiness soon.

Scrap Tips:

  1. To change the font color of your text, type the name of the color you wish to use in brackets.
  2. To show an emoticon, type the key shown above for each emoticon in brackets.
  3. To make text bold, italic, or underlined, use [b], [i] and [u] accordingly.
  4. I am [red]feeling[/red] [b][i]lucky[/i][/b] ! [:)] — > I am feeling lucky !
  5. To make a word a link, use [link]…[/link] *

orkut is an online community designed to make your social life more active and stimulating but not more

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